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Auria: 48 Track Recording System for iPad

"From the moment I turned it on, I was immediately convinced that this is the hottest musical app to make it to the iPad so far..."

Recording Magazine September 2012 Read the full Recording Magazine review


"Seasoned desktop producers will feel instantly at home with Auria. 4.5 Stars"

Computer Music October 2012 Read the full Computer Music review

Computer Music Innovation and Performance awards winner


"We’re stunned by what we see -- and hear."

Mac | Life  August 2012 Read the full Mac | Life review


"This is truly revolutionary stuff for audio professionals."

Apps For Music Production  August 2012 Read the full review


"If you are a songwriter and you have an iPad then you should buy this app. If you are a songwriter and don’t own an iPad, then you should buy an iPad and this app. It really is that good!"

Audio Times  August 2012 Read the full Audio Times review


"Auria is a very impressive implementation of many of the features we have come to expect in high end DAW software on the Mac, and on the iPad there is currently nothing to match it."

Mac Pro Video  August 2012 Read the full Mac Pro Video review


"[Auria]… sets a new benchmark as far serious audio recording capabilities on an iPad."

Pro Music Apps  August 2012 Read the full Pro Music Apps review


"Auria is brilliant, amazing and jaw dropping as it stands – recording junkies should just buy it and enjoy."

Music App Blog  July 2012 Read the full Music App Blog review


Voice Band: Imagine creating an entire song with only your voice.

"...Voice Band cuts even the laziest vocal utterances into multilayer, multi-instrumental songs."

gizmodo-logo.jpg  January 2010  Read the full gizmodo review


"...[Voice Band] puts a different spin on music creation." 

macworld-voiceband.jpg  September 2010  Read the full Macworld review 


"...for $3, I bought Voice Band by WaveMachine Labs and turned my iPhone into a recording studio... I can’t think of a better way to spend latte money." 

cultofmac-voiceband.jpg  January 2010  Read the full Cult of Mac review


"...this one takes it to a whole new level."

gizmag-voiceband.jpg January 2010  Read the full gizmag review


"Voice Band is one of those applications that makes you wonder why one $2.99 application is so much cooler than another $2.99 application."

revision3-voiceband.jpg  March 2010  Read the full Revision3 review


 "The $2.99 Voice Band app is simply awesome."

tuaw-voiceband.jpg  January 2010  Read the full TÚAW review


"Start [Voice Band] up, choose an instrument, hit record, and listen to the sound of session musicians all over the world hitting the sidewalk from the tallest skyscrapers they can find."

positivemachine-voiceband.jpg January 2010  Read the full Positive Machine review 


"If you’re a musician and/or love to sing, Voice Band is definitely for you. "

appsafari-voiceband.jpg  February 2010  Read the full AppSafari review


"...the ultimate one-man-band."

machoe-voiceband.jpg  January 2010  Read the full Mac Hoe review

iGog: Drums the way they were meant to be played.

"iGOG VelAUcity brings velocity-sensitive drums to your humble iPhone."

engadget-igog.jpg October 2009  Read the full engadget review 


"Velocity-Sensitive Touch Pads – on an iPhone? iGOG Says Yes."

createdigitalmusic-igog.jpg  October 2009  Read the full CreateDigital Music review


"iGOG delivers stunningly realistic samples."

about.com-logo-igog.jpg  October 2009  Read the full About.com review 

"...the crew at WaveMachine Labs have dedicated impressively intelligent design aspects into their newly released iGOG app."

northavenuestudios-igog.jpg  October 2009  Read the full NorthAvenue Studios review 

"...the best drum machine for iPhone"

ipadloops_logo-igog.jpg  August 2011  Read the full iPad Loops review 

"iGOG Massive Drums: Multi-functional, professional electronic drums!"

appbank-igog.jpg  October 2010  Read the full AppBank review


"...if you are into drumming, this is one app you should try." 

iphoneappsfinder-igog.jpg  November 2009  Read the full iPhone Apps Finder review


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