Lyra and EXS Files

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Lyra and EXS Files

Post by velanche » Tue Jan 11, 2022 7:01 pm

Hi There:
It's been a long time since I tried out Auria Pro, and now I have it on my M1 iPad Pro.

I found out this morning that the Lyra instrument can handle the importing of EXS files, so I tried doing this earlier today.

I imported some third-party EXS instruments. For instance, I have a bunch of bass sounds that were configured for both EXS 24 and the Sampler instrument, including, I imagine, patch settings. What I heard was that some of the patches I tested so far sounded fine, but others only play a sine tone that is constant with other custom patches that should have sounded different.

Are there patch limitations from Logic to Lyra that I should be aware of? Thanks!

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Anthony Alves
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Re: Lyra and EXS Files

Post by Anthony Alves » Mon Jan 17, 2022 6:48 am

From Rim awhile back but should explain what your experiencing.
Rim wrote:
Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:52 am
Since EXS is a closed format, with no information available on its parameters or how it works, I did the best I could with guessing ;) So while most instruments sound very close (especially pianos and sampled instruments), there will be some that need tweaking in order to match what you hear in Logic. For example, the filters used in Logic's EXS24 won't be exactly the same as the ones implemented inside Lyra, etc. The same is true when trying to open an EXS file in other PC-based samplers, or using sample-format converters.

As for updates, there will eventually be updates to Lyra, but as a one-person operation, please understand I have a lot on my plate with Auria updates as well ;)


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