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Drum perfect pro into Auria

Post by engravertom » Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:27 pm

Hi everyone,

I have recently put together an electronic kit based on a Yamaha DTX502 module.

I can record the audio out to an Irig acoustic stage into the usb to lightning adapter. The camera on my phone takes the audio quite well. GarageBand will take it also, doesn’t sound as good.

With a usb cable to the adapter the Dtx will trigger the drums in the GB app. A bit of latency. The sounds and response are great. Only one crash per kit though. And not all kits will fully trigger.

Then I tried DPP. After working with it, I got the DTX to trigger a jazz kit. Great sounds, no latency to speak of.

But when I record in the app, a lot of notes are dropped. All the 32nd note rolls turn into 16th notes, and triplets disappear.

I am wondering if I can get the audio out of DPP into Auria. I suppose I will want to upgrade to Pro?

I want to play and record the drums “live” with the best sounds possible. I don’t want to program Drum tracks.

Initial try of Drum Session was ok, in that getting the dtx connected was very easy, but disappointing in the sounds. I think I could do about as well with tweaking the module sounds.

My goals-

Minimum- get the best acoustic sound into Auria from DPP

Optimal- get separate audio tracks for each piece of the kit into Auria from DPP

Alternative- trigger Auria kits from the DTX.

If there is a better option I am willing to listen.

I can keep tweaking the module sounds. I could get ez drummer on my laptop.

I think DPP has great potential for what I want though.

Thanks for wading through all this! I appreciate any help.

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