Behrihnger X32 Rack connectivity

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Behrihnger X32 Rack connectivity

Post by jwelfeld » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:05 pm

Hi guys,

just stating out with Aria on my X32 and have a couple of questions. Do I need the Pro version to get 24 channels? how many channels are available in the not-pro? Can someone send me a link to the correct camera adapter for an iPod with lightening connector. I see Camera connection kits, I see camera adapters and I've tried a few different things but the inputs are always Internal. I do have a powered hub so I'm now unsure of the version and the adapter.


Joe W.

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Re: Behrihnger X32 Rack connectivity

Post by Corey W » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:43 am

Hi Joe,
You will be able to record 24 simultaneous tracks from your X32 in the non-Pro version of Auria.

Here is the CCK you should order: ... ra-adapter

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Re: Behrihnger X32 Rack connectivity

Post by mididrum » Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:53 am

to CHARGE IPAD while playing :you need the camera adapter lightning>< usb3 from apple (it's a usb standard plug)
BUT since X32.DO NOT transfer its MIDI in (NOTES and CC) to USB out , you MUST add a USB 2 HUB (no need power) between x32 and camera adapter
and PLUG your keyboard USB out (usb midi ONLY/NO MIDI+audio!)) to the hub, any APP will show the keyboard midi option choice

1) if your master keyboard has NO MIDI OUT : ONLY its USB2 square plug out with MIDI mixed WITH audio),use YAMAHA UD BT01
it will transfer ONLY MIDI signals BY BLUETOOTH ,
TIP : bluetooth connection CALL needs (free) App yamaha "Synth & drumpad) once ITS call successful : you can close OUT that app

roland FA 06 serie HAS option setting to send USB OUT MIDI ONLY, if selected : then you can plug it in hub together with X32
kronos have mixed midi+audio usb out … DONT USE IT , or use the option 1 or use option 2 :
since ………
sending 2 Usb audio to ipad hub voids x32 audio auto connection, or with kronos has NO SYNC AUDIO (synch is only on SDIF !)and sends BOTH signals
will crash xr32 tracks auto connection
so refer to case 2 :

2) your keyboard has MIDI out : plug it into IRIG midi 2 with its out cable USB to plug into the HUB together with usb out of x32
APP MIDI choice path xill show irig2 for choice

Hub usb2 anitech PANDORA {WHITE model) isthe BEST inexpensive Hub choice, NO ALIM NEEDED !!!!

UNLESS you need more REAL TIME access {than 16) AND more than 16 -LIVE REC- tracks to AURIA or MORE outs from auria MATRIX OUT to x32,
if ipad CHARGES from interface while playing (or you don't care) - you need ONLY simple cheaper USB>lightning CAMERA adapter from;Apple THEN
USB AUTO opens 16 TRACKS LIVE in auria(Auria matrix in >>>routing choice) + stereo auria MASTER OUT (auria matrix out >>>choice returns master or busses) needing swapping usb in XR {18 or 32) with usb INS = analog or usb INS lost)
xr 18 sends MIDI included in its USB 2 cable {no need anymore HUB)
xr 18 inputs are COMBO (better choice for jacks 6.35 needing adapters with X32 !!!!)

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Re: Behrihnger X32 Rack connectivity

Post by Thederekfrank » Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:59 pm

I use the XR18 and LOVE it! I have posted a few things about routing and how I use it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: Behrihnger X32 Rack connectivity

Post by mrufino1 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:22 am

I am not using Auria much these days as my iPad Air isn’t keeping up like it used to, but Auria will still only do 24 in on a newer iPad (thinking about a new one now, air has served me well) from an X32 or is it possible to get 32 in now? I’d think about using it to not have my laptop tied up when doing live recordings, but there are times I need all 32 to record shows. I have the xlive cars in my own X32 rack but I work with them in other places that don’t have it installed. Xlive is less convenient on the back end anyway because you have a bunch of 4gb 32 channel wav files that need to be reassembled then exploded into 32 tracks in a daw, so extra work on the back end.

Auria would make a convenient recorder. I tried it recording about 12 channels to an iPad 1st gen that someone gave me but that couldn’t keep up. Not surprised, but I had it and wanted to try and it wasn’t a critical recording.

Anyway, just trying to rationalize my “need” for a new iPad....

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