New Song - Spirited Breath

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New Song - Spirited Breath

Post by JonathanMac » Wed May 01, 2019 8:41 am

Hope you enjoy listening. Wrote this as a third song in a Yoga/Relax/Meditative music album project. Hoping to finish about 10-12 tracks in the next 3-4 months.

Anyway, I composed this in Korg Gadget, exported the audio to Auria Pro, then mixed and mastered. I also used Korg Module Ivory piano IAP, but exported the MIDI from Gadget, imported to Auria Pro and put the Salamander Piano on the MIDI tracks. Much better piano sound IMO. The MIDI played through the Salamander had the piano sound too loud/velocity heavy, so I used the velocity reduction tool under the processing menu to lower all the midi velocities in one shot to the desired level. Took a couple of tries before I like the sound, but this MIDI process made it super easy, instead of having to tweak each note one by one! Then bounced the MIDI track to audio and went to the mixing stage.

Mixing stage I used FF ProQ on every track to tweak the sound a bit, ProR using one of the very large presets on a send channel, another ProR with a shorter tail for the cello and piano, and Saturn on the Master for some slight saturation. I then mixed down this audio for the Mastering stage.

Made a new project and imported the Final Mix track from the mix stage. Then added ProQ to cut the bass 100Hz and down from the side channel, and ProL to raise the level to about 14 LUFS.

Again, hope you enjoy!

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