Demos from my soon to be UNLEASHED album recorded on iOS DreadCircus 5 years in the making!

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Demos from my soon to be UNLEASHED album recorded on iOS DreadCircus 5 years in the making!

Post by RidiculocitY » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:50 am

[youtube][/youtube]Hi I’m Jade.

Video Clip from forthcoming Album

It’s VERY rare for me to be posting my stuff publicly. I began working on this album almost 6 years ago on iOS because I was sick and tired of hearing the devices were only consumption based by endless tech pundits. Mind you back then music creation was only just beginning to bloom amidst Apples closed sandbox. The early days of my album included Jailbreaking to share between apps LOL.

It sounds like a long time to make an album and it sure has been a journey. What started as something fun became complicated due to my life becoming complicated. Been a musician since I was 14, 45 now! Performed around the world in so many genres of music and bands and in two totally different genders. I happen to be trans. If that is a problem for you... well good luck with that shit! I digress...

Over the 5 years life gets in the way. Crazy shit and then finding out I am terminally ill end of 2015 with a constant brain bleed after a random blood disorder hit me called ITP unable to clot blood and waiting for my platelets to be enough to clot the massive amount of blood in my brain for lights out time... wee!

My album in a nutshell. My last album “Gender Optimized 2.0” on iTunes was the trans album. I don’t need to explain that part of my life so if there’s any questions refer to that album because the answers are there. This album “Non Conformist” is the “Ive answered all your inappropriate questions about my genitals now who the hell are the people currently walking around asleep on this planet diverted, brainwashed and divided by a tiny bunch of bullies using a valueless monetary system to keep us enslaved?”

As the music industry has become a swamp of reality TV story less mind cancer and so many amazing “artists” continue to pass on leaving behind no MUSIC for us to be empowered to shake up this mindless reality decade I am almost ready to offer up something I believe to be never seen before...

24 tracks of original indescribable genre’d intent driven music so full of intent, care and love that without a doubt has something for everybody who loves a rich story and totally unique. Almost 90% of the music performed by myself. Over the past 5 years I’ve become a drummer, percussionist, pianist and learned to play wind and string instruments via lending equipment, reading, YouTube and the drive to always grow. It began using an iPhone 4, upgrading each year iPhones and iPads currently multiple iPads and an iPhone 6s. So many parts, words etc have been constructed everywhere you can imagine across 4 countries and it’s now the 11th hour of the release.

I have a major Australian publishing deal to release this piece of art and it will possibly be my final recording on this planet as my illness is slowly getting the better of me. As I said 24 tracks encompassing the broad eclectic taste in my music feels. It’s like Mike Patton vomited on Muse at a counting Crows party whilst dreaming of Sepultura! Also the first initial release with come with a bonus 16 track ep of some of my favourite eclectic songs and artists including Mr Bungle, Basia Bulat, Antony & The Johnsons, Fiona Apple and Slayer to name a few which were made for fun using unly virtual instrument on iOS Garage Bamd. Lots of fun I can assure you!

So as you can imagine the amount of apps used is quite large. From Music Studio, BM2, GarageBand and way too many to mention. All the effects, video clips, writing all done on iOS also no other computing devices. And last year I chose Auria to be the final destination where all would come together to finish the project. With a major label release I’m expecting Auria will be mentioned quite a lot for it’s release In Australia and then coming back here to the US for its release!

Gotta love irony. The 11th hour of such a journey and Apple FINALLY open up the file system in iOS 11. Oh the sarcastic laughs I’ve had dragging and dropping files from the files app into Auria as I see the finish line.

Ok sorry for the diatribe. On with the music. These tracks are in a public folder. They are not the finished product by a long mark. Many without vocals and guitar parts I have never shared so much publicly before but I wanted to share my story with RiM and all of you who are now making music using these amazing devices so much more powerful than to be taking photos of ones dinner choices 😂

The files are view/listen only and will be removed shortly thereafter. I’ve put in a good mix of material hopefully showing just how different this album is. Expect strong vocals performances, death growls, male and female voices as my range is huge. I’ve included one of the Ep cover demos also Faith No More’s RV. Songs included Truth, UnAvailable, SpoonFed, The Cool Change, Non Conformist, Adult Sitter Needed, My Crawling Skin and Exquisite Pain. The other track I’ve missed is For Reasons which will not be on the album as it’s a modern remake from my first DreadCircus solo album back in 1999 which was my first full album recorded on a home studio setup. This track is actually finished and has been submitted to iTunes as a Xmas gift to my fans and friends for their patience...

My website is currently offline as I’m rebuilding it for the album release also earlier versions of the songs and video clips made with my iPhone and iPad can be found on my YouTube...

Hope my story, the music or the journey has intrigued d you further..

Jade Starr

The link to my OneDrive Shared Folder and Demos

My YouTube
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