UI24R Channels >15

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UI24R Channels >15

Post by willie » Thu Oct 28, 2021 2:40 am

I own a Soundcraft UI24R and would like to take some recordings with it. In principle this works very well, but unfortunately only up to channel 14. Because I haven't found a way to map channels 15-32 via the input matrix.
The UI24R occupies the first 10 channels with the master and the AUX outputs. The actual inputs only come from channel >10. So the first 10 channels in the DAW are superfluous for me.
How can I map input channels >24? I only need 18 channels in total, but some are on channels >24.
Of course I can use Audiobus for remapping. Or I can (that's how I currently solved it) use the Aux #, but isn't there an easier way?

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