New user - need some urgent advice!

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New user - need some urgent advice!

Post by Musiklyrik » Tue Jun 16, 2020 6:32 am

I am a EWI Ubd player, and downloaded Auria because the app reads sfz-files. I bougth some brilliant sax and trumpet samples from Improvizer - that sounds fantastic in ARIA Garritan player on my Imac. Put now I want to take use of my IPAD. Wireless.

This is my setup: EWI USB >> Yamaha UD BT-01 (+Midimittr) >> IPAD >> Auria

Everythings works great, the bite sensor makes vibrato, the bend handle make bends - but - I want my breath controlling volume/velocity, but don´t know how I can assign that in AURA. I really hope its possible? In a cheap system like Thumbjam you can set breath ctrl to volume...

If not possible - is it possible to play thumbjam and control Auria with my Improvizer samples loaded? Will my samples react to breath ctrl in that setup?

Thanks in advance from a Auria NEWBIE 8)

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