behringer AIR X18

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behringer AIR X18

Post by mididrum » Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:33 am

While rack Behringer X32 in/out matrix match Auria Matrix in/out , both auto connecring thru USB ...

New Rack Behringer AIR X18 autoconnects both matrix in/out matching correctly AURIA Matrix in/ out auto opening
BUT while ONLY AURIA MATRIX OUT is effectively working as expected TO Behringer mixer tracks: NO WAY (????) To SEE any usual signal USB WORKING at AURIA MATRIX IN windows .any be to USB slots connected into Behringer matrix out....
ANYBODY gets IDEA of how to record into auria from proper choice of USB output into Behringer (many choices but No result...!)
ReBooting both keeps on useless....they connect, match...but ONLY auria 16 tracks OUT get access to Behringer, NOT The reverse....
where is the bug ? AURIA or BEHRINGER Rack...?
Pity : since USB Ipad settings OUT in Auria get perfect sound results in Behringer

thanks to explain what hours spent tweaking both could not get '!!!
DO undestand that ALL slots OUT from Auria MATRIX USB WORK PERFECT with the USB MATRIX IN of Behringer but NO SEND USB choosen into Behringer gets received into Auria....
While behringer MIDI in/ out get interconnected also on auria settings screen.

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