whish list from bug reports

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whish list from bug reports

Post by mididrum » Tue Aug 11, 2015 8:11 am

since audioshare and audiobus turned to be the main pipelines for recording chained APPS DO CHOOSE them TO WORK for
a perfect integration....since Auria is buggy UNSAFE to connect them for sure ( boots, reboots and so on)
since Auria is SAFE at connecting/playing MIDI to (successfully inserted apps ?)CHOOSE a Midi sequencer insert SAFE
( i know YOU DO work on Auria Pro...but OS 8-1-2-3-4 then 9...UPdates ( and iPad PRO coming) WE can't WAIT thatlong....
before YOU finish the Midi wonder promised AND...Good luck for Safety NO bugs....!

wish 1) DO WORK to get full safety with ( name it ?) safe easy MIDI SEQUENCER APP (rather than bugging from future yours)
2) Use ICONS and alphabetic list order of really proved SAFE inserts app...( NOW boring to find one among HUNDREDS)
3) Alesis i/0 and Behringer x32 are SAFEST , DO easy USB autoconnect to Auria(X32 needs usb 2 HUB to iPad midi in )
4) DO WORK to get SAME SAFETY at autoconnecting USB PRESONUS VSL 1818 ( nice...but Boring boots reboots needed
to ( at last!) get IN/out AURIA MATRIX ( autoconnecting anyway!) at last...REALLY audio WORKING...!(Midi Works!)
5) advertise Most iKmedia ( ipads, midirigs etc...) DO WORK SAFELY with Auria as well as SAMPKETANK is a dream if
not sometimes bugging nightmare at connecting its Audio stereo tracks....( CHECK by your self....)
6) PLEASE allow suppressing mixer TRACKS useless,make sure on screen if Mono or stereo (mono bugging inserts)
7) ADVERTISE THAT audio mixing to AUDIOSHARE from Presonus got Blank wave if WRONG (matrix) output is selected
8) recording inserted apps THEN many times need REBOOTING auria ( quick!) to Play them...
9) at Recording, indicator of head position is NOT following on screen

My Main wish and complaint : DO USE and WORK on (many!) so wonderfull Apps to make their insertion a breath...
Auria is the Best PROFESSIONAL Daw concerning SAFETY...but MIND BLOWING as soon as APPS (So NEEDED!) get inserted...

YES YOUR APP is the SAFEST even thru bugging or rebooting :.No loss of data,quick recovering but...heart breaking !
best regards to wizard Auria team....i spend ALL day happy on Auria...BUT imagine how stressed for nearly NOTHING..

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