Error creating M4A after Split Stereo WAV mixdown

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Error creating M4A after Split Stereo WAV mixdown

Post by dewbop » Sun Aug 23, 2020 7:06 pm

I’ve been able to reproduce this in two different projects. If I mixdown a Split Stereo WAV, then try to Mixdown an M4A, I get an error and no file is created. Here are the basic steps.

1. Mixdown WAV Split Stereo (I was using 24bit, Locator range, not sure that matters)
2. Mixdown M4A, 24 bit
3. M4A doesn’t export. No file is created. Get message saying “Error converting to m4a”.
4. Mixdown another WAV in regular stereo
5. Mixdown M4A and it works

iPad Pro 10.5 in, 256GB (more than 100GB available)
iPad OS 13.6.1 (same behavior in previous version)

Let me know if any other details are helpful.

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Re: Error creating M4A after Split Stereo WAV mixdown

Post by pds » Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:29 am

Hi there, I have just had this exact same problem and was happy to find your post. I had not considered the fact that I’d recently done a split to stereo mixdown, and indeed this seems to be the root cause of the trouble. I’m happy to know it isn’t just a general Auria-is-broken type deal!

What I noticed after reading your comment is that when I went back and tried again to mixdown to m4a, the ‘split stereo’ option was pre-selected even though I assumed that I had changed it back to regular stereo. And under m4a I couldn’t change that option back. Also I saw a difference between choosing WAV or m4a in the top drop-down box. It looked like some small bug that reset the ‘split stereo’ option (or didn’t reset it, if you see what I mean) after having used it once.

So I’ve now been able to solve it. I think I chose a regular WAV, changed the ‘split stereo’ option back to normal stereo, and then went back and selected m4a again....! Something like that, anyway I was able to export an m4a successfully after that.
Best wishes, and thanks because your post here helped me solve it (for me).

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