Can’t say what’s the real Db volume on automation

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Can’t say what’s the real Db volume on automation

Post by Blasted_pingin » Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:42 am

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to copy a track and its automation.
Already it is not very pro to not have a simple option to copy a track (with automation) but doing all the automation is a real nightmare.
On Auria pro 2.16, i can’t figure what’s the volume of each control point in the automation. If i press a finger on the point it shows me a number. If i press again (without moving the point in between) it shows me a different value. That’s the same for any track.

Any idea?

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Re: Can’t say what’s the real Db volume on automation

Post by Anthony Alves » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:17 pm

It is easy to copy your automation from one track to another. Simply double tap, hold and drag to create the grey area over the automation points you wish to copy, tap copy. Now select the track to copy to by taping the tracks header, tap paste. Your automation should now be copied. To copy an entire track to another empty track you tap the region to copy, tap copy, tap the new tracks header and tap paster. The track will be copied with the automation. Don’t forget to have both tracks showing Audio only not any automation points. After the copy select your automation to view on the new track and it will be there.
As for a different db being shown every time you tap an automation point, (after much testing) this is because when you tap on the automation dot the display is not showing you the db of where the dot is but rather where you just tapped on the screen. So the odds of you tapping exactly on the same spot twice in a row is very rare. AuriaPro reads its automation in 100/th so that is you can set your automation to 1/100th of a db. This adheres to the MCU standard of 1024 steps throughout the fader travel unlike all other iOS daws who adhere to the standard midi resolution of only 127 steps. That is why no pro studio will ever use midi controllers to control their software only MCU like Auria. Its very hard to tell the difference of something that is only half a db away in volume. The performance dynamics will vary more than that. So bottom line is that tapping the automation dots to reference the loudness of a track at that timeline is not very accurate so it is better to read the db off the channel strip fader. For high resolution of the faders flip your iPad to portrait mode. So I’m happy to report this is not a bug.
Remember it is best to mix with your ears not numbers. Cheers and hope this helped.

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Re: Can’t say what’s the real Db volume on automation

Post by Nicksense » Thu May 28, 2020 12:45 pm

I think the dB level issue is a bug too, not a ‘feature’.

I don’t care what the volume level at random spots I point to on the screen when I’m doing volume automation is. I want to know exactly what the dB level is for the automation point I’m touching though.

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