OS 10.21 on ipad Air

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OS 10.21 on ipad Air

Post by mididrum » Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:20 pm

one of very recent updates (don't know wich one) got my AURIA PRO OS 10.21 RETURNED TO BASIC (PRO LOST as well as ALL purchase)
AURIA store upgrade offered (free!) DO works , returns it to PRO and downloads Purchase …PITY since i bought EVERYTHING… SHOULD be a WHOLE DAY of download -usually about 17 gigas- better NOT TO STOP AURIA downloading Purchases -ipad Useless-
BUT …Miracle: "auto restore Purchase "got ALL 17 gigas BACK...in 10 minutes …Cannot understand ! LUCKY !!
SO,WHY the hell did it happened ?
i use ALSO 2 ipads PRO, both with different OS 9.35 and OS 10.21, NO PROBLEM on update , so WHY this one ?
All AURIA (s) are upgrades from same BASIC , so i wonder why one failed from Update (i did not use nor check since few days ago)
of course, usually until now… HAPPY from ALL updates !(including that failing one!)
this bug advice only to mention my surprise !
best regards

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