What happens after I restart my Duo EX

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What happens after I restart my Duo EX

Post by sELF » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:52 pm

One issue which was sent via a bug report, is that any disconnection to, or restarting of, my Duo EX interface would crash Auria(?) But most annoying was that after the automatic restart of Auria, it would add new audio tracks to the project. Leaving the previous ones not functioning anymore. Causing me to reload the project. But then in turn having to restart AudioBus and all the apps into Auria, to return to a working project setup. Obviously I must try to retain interface connection with Auria. But having to restart every app and the project seemed more time consuming than I'd hoped for. I do understand there may be technical limitations here. But...I'd like Auria to reconnect the tracks upon the reconnection of my audio interface. Rather than redistribute audio tracks. I guess this may be an AB thing(?)

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