RAM memory bug on ipad AIR 2

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RAM memory bug on ipad AIR 2

Post by mididrum » Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:25 pm

Can you explain a very BORING bug (?)
while using the SAME AURIA content, and conditions : NO EFFECT and NO APP open nor running in the background
Nothing in use, same basic 1 track stereo no recording, no wave on display
Ipad 4 register and show the use of memory ( RAM?) 179 MB
I PAD AIR the use of 36 MB
IPAD AIR 2....the boring use of 662 MB producing a reduced power before advertising CPU overload
anyway MOVING the mixer on screen crashes AURIA app....for overload VERY reduced compared to the other ipads in SAME conditions.

another boring classification is the VST offer on screen of compatible APPS to insert...NO REAL ( some only)alphabetic order on screen resulting in time loss and already easy mistakes at pressing on screen on wrong small name...

you could check and refuse which APP are REALLY usable without crashing themselves or Auria

Many times AFTER recording NEEDS TO shut AURIA to LISTEN the wave already on screen
which is boring since using PRESONUS VSL has USB sync problems needing stoping on/off presonus rack ( this was VERY common with ipar AIR 1, while using iPad air 2 speedy processor results into a better stability .
BUT SHUTING AURIA anyway nedds later to reboot presonus rack to get back USB synchro....

What ABOUT BEHRINGER X32 rack i will order to record on ipad i suppose (???) with better stability and more inputs
i use alesis i/out RACK ( NO PROBLEM EVER) , Presonus ( synch usb instability depending which ipad in use) of course ALL of them use multirouting and the in/out matrix DO appear while settings can get lost or NOT working unless presonus reboot

ANYWAY ....AURIA in use is a miracle ...of stability and SURE SECURITY of datas recovery ( never lost anything.)
and saving to AUDIOSHARE the second MIRACLE.....( they updated on christmas...to perfection of use: turning waves or m4a into LOOPS from auria recordings THAT are the modern way to compose after recording parts.

Your " join " and ripple mode on regions left blank ...now linked (!) ....have ERRATIC efficiency....
WHY Not ONE SIMPLE -NO EDIT- MULTI Channels - one pass is enough- Midi track since we PLAY ( audio only) midi apps inserted ....NO WAY to replay thru MIDI seq recorded TO CHANGE the wrong original choosen SOUND of ONE APP...
External midi sync or auria wifi slaving (while already VERY usefull) have delay that you don't TEACH how much to correct it on your screen offer

Most IPAD DAW can do...while their ergonomy iTurna them NUTS compare do Auria Ease Use....And perfect Results

best regards.


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Re: RAM memory bug on ipad AIR 2

Post by mididrum » Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:17 pm

i already posted the answer..
the ram content is NOT the USED but...the AVAILABLE
SO...IPAD AIR 2 on blank project gets 820 mb of RAM FREE
while iPad AIR 1 on blank gets ONLY 41 mb....
BUT IPAD AIR 1 DOES NOT CRASH....in use while iPad AIR 2 is NUTS....

i suspect the NEW unavailable screen lock on iPad Air 2 needing to scroll and react quick and safe
to freeze the CPU audio use over 65 % of audio use power from minimal touch reaction non stop over sensitivity
of gyroscop in use....while studio Hp bass vibrations CANNOT help !!!!

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Re: RAM memory bug on ipad AIR 2

Post by psysword » Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:18 pm

Yeah, iPad Air 2 is highly unstable and I can't even do a mixdown over 70 percent CPU. So I have to scale back my oversampling on fabfilter L and dithering. Then at 40 percent I get a mixdown. Never had these problems on my ipad air1.....Apple sucks and I hope you guys can fix auria soon!

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