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John Harley
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Strip Silence

Post by John Harley » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:45 am

As a full time voice over artist, I am using Auria together with my Apogee Mic as my mobile set up. May I say, it has revolutionised my ability to be able to accept jobs that otherwise I would have to turn down due to the fact that I take flights around Europe a couple of times per week. Running Auria on the iPad is a dream come true as, of course, the iPad has no fan noise; so it is a relatively easy task to arrange the various soft furnishings in the hotel room, plug in the Apogee Mic and fire up Auria. The result is almost identical to my Neumann U87 within my vocal booth.
One thing us VO's do a lot is record loooooong mono tracks. A feature that I use all the time on Logic Pro is the Strip Silence function.
This discards any signal from the waveform that falls below a certain threshold, and is ideal for breath removal and generally just getting rid of unwanted noises. The waveform is automatically split and ready to comp together. Two other parameters can be set; the amount of space before the waveform begins (or attack) and the amount at the end of the waveform (decay).
I would really like to see this feature in Auria as it would cut the editing time by at least half and is useful not only for VO's but music production too.
Any chance of seeing this feature at some stage?

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Re: Strip Silence

Post by Rim » Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:25 am

It's a possibility. Please ad this to the wish list thread, as we'll begin looking at that thread after we're done with the major issues.


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Re: Strip Silence

Post by Peuch » Wed Aug 12, 2020 1:55 pm

Hello Rim.
It is posible now in Auria Pro do this? (Strip silencie) and would be fabulous can do the same voice edition like in Ferrite!!

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