Will changing the buffer size affect midi playback from the piano roll?

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Will changing the buffer size affect midi playback from the piano roll?

Post by Tanookiaudio » Sat Dec 11, 2021 4:06 pm

Quick backstory, recently bought 9th gen ipad, 256gb and am running ios 15 which inhad resisted upgrading my older ipad to. This morning i was trying to aux send into a few return channels that had various fx on them whichni was going to blend in with the dry signal (Filtron, DLYM, Bleass Phaser) for the first time ever, A) Filtron would not open at all, it populated the insert slot on the return channel but i could not get into its control panel and B) the other two channels for the very first time ever, been using auria daily for well over a year and have 20+years as a live foh/monitor engineer,, i was getting scratchy signals down those lines. I changed the buffer rate on both the record and playback side, and it cleaned it up a bit, but still not able to access Filtron…it worked fine last night and yes, i did a reset of both Auria and my ipad, no change. The original dry signal was a midi bass pattern i had started a few days ago and had only recorded some of it to wav, and eas planning on doung the rest today with a different vst. Last night inused Agonizer and the Fabfilter twin 2 with no issues. Today i started on the twin when i encountered the scratchy noises, switched over to bassalicious 2 and although it was less scratchy, it will not play the bassline as written out in the piano roll, it will run thru the pattern correctly ine time and then every note becomes legato even tho i have legato turned of, i even resorted to using the channel strips gate to no avail and tried automating in volume cuts between notes which barely made a difference. This problem now exists for all of my vsts including the fabfilters which came with auria. 5he only solution ive found for the noisey channels is to copy the original and paste it into those return channels and mixing it in that way, which im fine with, kinda prefer it actually but when i try to record the mixdown, the noise returns…my question is i guess more like questions, is anyone else been having noisey channels with ios 15, i read that has something to do apple’s core sucking ass, which trust me, im no fanboy of theirs, and B) is the changes i made to the buffer responsible for the playback issues im having with the piano roll?
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