Auria Pro (Wavemachine labs) is undoubtedly the undisputed gold standard DAW for the iPad Pro

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Auria Pro (Wavemachine labs) is undoubtedly the undisputed gold standard DAW for the iPad Pro

Post by C Holdz » Sun Dec 20, 2020 9:50 am

First, let me say this: Auria support is unparalleled; probably the absolute best customer service and response I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with an app....That brings me to my next point: the app - this is THE only true DAW. Many people say it, and many have reviewed it, but I don’t think people get how powerful, and how capable this app is. While it is true Cubasis 3 is becoming more competitive, there is still nothing that comes even close to Auria Pro. It is the Pro Tools of the iPad Pro, and it really makes all others seem like amateur apps. This is fully powered, 64 bit processing power, and it is the only DAW/audio app I can really say utilizes the power of the iPad Pro.

Finally, I had an issue with my iPad Pro and the App Store, and apple was being the usual pain they are...Corey, being the amazing person and rep he is, really gave me the best customer service, help, and support I could ask for. Literally, he couldn’t have done any more and I am so satisfied and filled with such gratitude and holiday cheer, that I had to write this 5 star A+ feedback, not just for the app being the best (like it really is all you need to record professional tracks, and the Lyra machine is unmatched) but because Corey was so kind !

Thank you so much and happy holidays!

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