Exporting to AP workflow

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Exporting to AP workflow

Post by Kladman » Tue Aug 18, 2020 6:18 am

Hello everyone, I was wondering what the average workflow is for exporting stems to AP to finish and polish the desired song.
I mainly start in Korg Gadget where I build everything in separate tracks (also beats: I use several drum machines and each track has its own element).
Normaly I don't use any effects in Gadget, because I will add those in AP for better mixing.
Once the mainidea timeline is worked out in Gadget, I export all tracks to AP as wave files.
In AP I will then add breaks, fills, effects, mixing and then finaly mastering.
Since Gadget is built around loops, I was wondering about the idea of using loops in AP as well, instead of the long exported files.
So splitting the files into the desired loop (delete the rest of the wave file), then copy paste those loops according to the timeline.
Is this something you would advice or not?
I'm curious about how most go about creating in AP to finish a complete loop based track.

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Re: Exporting to AP workflow

Post by amahdigital » Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:43 am

Hello Kladman if you go to export tracks in gadget ,the option I use is export all tracks to Dropbox which will render all in one go as audio tracks from your production Into Dropbox.

A Gadgets folder for all your exports will automatically be created as long as you allow permission for Gadget to link with Dropbox .

once this is done you can then create a new project in Auria pro and import all the tracks directly from Dropbox into Auria.this can be done directly from within Auria.

So for example if I have sixteen tracks recorded in Gadget ,you can now export all the stems as audio to Auria in one go ready to edit and manipulate as you will.

Hope this helps.

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