Noises, Drums Disappearing, and Buffer Size Compatibility

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Noises, Drums Disappearing, and Buffer Size Compatibility

Post by indratgj » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:08 pm

I have a project in which I used midi to send clock and start and stop signals to DrumPerfect Pro. I then recorded the resulting drum tracks onto separate tracks in Auria. I'm getting intermittent odd artifacts, such as: drum hits disappearing, to be replaced by popping sounds; and odd reverb-like repetitions after the hit, especially on the snare drum.

In addition, we were attempting to record four live tracks along with the pre-recorded drum tracks. At approximately the same point in the track each time, there was a large popping sound, which printed on all of the live recorded tracks. The drum tracks were still okay. Once this started, it happened pretty much every take.

We tried every bit of troubleshooting we could think of, but to no avail. I then decided that the entire project might have become corrupted, so a I started fresh with a new project, re-recorded all of the drums, and then recorded for three hours last night without a hitch. So far so good.

But my real question is this: I was running a dual buffer size setting in Auria, meaning I had a different buffer size for playback (512) and record (128). I'm very unclear as to where software or devices slaved to Auria obtain their buffer sizes. I believe I've read on here that IAA apps inherit their buffer size from the first app that is started. So if I start Auria before I start Drumperfect, drum perfect will inherit Auria's buffer size setting. But which one? The playback or the record setting? The same question for the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 gen 2. Could my DrumPerfect problems and the popping on the recorded tracks be related to the slave devices inheriting the overall buffer size setting of 512, when I'm actually recording at 128?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you guys have.

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