Connect to Bluetooth? Auria LE w/ Ipad 4

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Connect to Bluetooth? Auria LE w/ Ipad 4

Post by MixerFixer » Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:49 pm

New to Auria. Have Auria LE, with Ipad 4 os 9.4
Won't connect to bluetooth ....headphones (New Apple Beats) or BT speaker (Bose....good one)
Tried on another ipad, same thing.
Is this a problem with the pad , or Auria?
Tried the pad setting, from Speaker, to Apple TV , which I assume is generic bluetooth, but makes no difference.
Phones, spk, connect correctly, via BT, to other audio source, ie Itunes, etc.
I'm willing to pay for the upgrade, ie, pro version, if necessary, but really don't need 48 tracks, or the extra features.
Any help?

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Re: Connect to Bluetooth? Auria LE w/ Ipad 4

Post by wigglelights » Mon Sep 12, 2016 7:21 pm

Welcome to Auria!

This topic has come up many times, in fact a couple of messages down there's a current one.

Bluetooth is a very slow and compressed format, and requires a certain amount of encoding before sending. Auria, and in fact any of the major iOS daws, do not support it (or if so only in low quality). These apps have plenty enough to do handling low latency recording - wire is the way to go! Cause when you press a key or a drum pad you want to hear it Now! Right?
Once you do your mix down, then you can Bluetooth it from Dropbox or wherever.

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