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The Auria Video Contest

Our Really Big “What the %^&* Are You Doing With Auria” Contest has wrapped up and we are proud to share the 5 winning videos and all of the remaining 15 finalists. When we first thought about running a video contest, we never expected that 40+ interesting and well thought-out videos would be submitted. We DID expect to get some informative videos that would help us understand more about the folks who are using Auria and how they are using it. We most certainly got that! If you are an Auria user, or are thinking about becoming one, we think you will find these videos both entertaining and informative. They express the experience of real users, and do a much better job that we could ever do in demonstrating the incredibly wide range of ways Auria users work (and play!). Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to create and submit their videos!

The WaveMachine Labs Team

First Prize WinnerSecond Prize Winner
Auria - Pop Kid Creating the Album

Third Prize WinnerThird Prize WinnerThird Prize Winner
Musical Team Building I know what the @#$% I did Last Summer…with Auria Crazy Looney Music Clip

Other Finalists (In alphabetical order)
Ashes Of Babylon - "World On Fire" Auria and Hip Hop Auria in Shanghai
Bass & iPad Instrumental Crazy Fun Way To Use Auria
Funky Turnip's Tick Tock Hotlips Lawson Lady of the East
Mixing with Auria My Auria World Songwriter Demo Studio
This is what Auria does for Me Traveling with Auria Using Auria with my band F.R.E.D.
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